There's no need to debate
It's time to designate your fate
Take the M out of M.A.D.
Let's all make a bomb


All World Cowboy Romance

Listening to Japandroids makes me think about Sean, and how he was here for a week, how he's back on the other side of the province, and how this distance makes me sad.

When he was here he demanded that we sing "The Boys are Leaving Town" to celebrate Catherine and Sylvan and I moving to Toronto. We never wound up doing it.

Oh how your flesh and blood became the word.

A bunch of random people came over on Thursday (a bunch of people randomly came over?) on Thursday, hanging out on my bean-bag chair and talking about random things. One of them introduced me to Larry Wall's "Postmodernism and Perl" lecture, and now I am upset because I have to respect at least some of the aspirations behind Perl.
It is nice to know that someone like Sharon Hopkins exists, that there is an entire genre of "Perl Poetry" out here. I remember PR linking me to something like this from the New Yorker, but that was before I was able to squander cash on magazines (or before Delicious existed, and I lost track of it.)

Friday was spent partying. I mostly felt stupid and remained silent. I don't don't thing I contributed anything to any conversation. I think I need new parties, I'm really wasting the ones I wind up at.

Got a lot of errands done, hunkering down for five hours at a time with my agenda. Almost started applying to jobs, but had a LaTeX malfunction that I need to work out. My inbox is otherwise empty, as is my next actions pile. Yum! I should refill it, my next actions pile.

Re-purchased my collection of Autechre and Underworld MP3s all over again, because their online aspects are selling FLAC/WAV editions. Guess I'll wind up going entirely lossless one way or the other as long as someone shoves them somewhere legal.
I'm down to the last hundred or so CDs to rip, and I'll be done with my physical presence whatsoever. My FLACs are currently sitting all RAID-5 redundant on a media server. I'd like to offer controlled access at some point to my friends, adding what I currently only have via MP3s as well. Some of them would appreciate it.
I'm struggling with a Diaspora instance right now, if it works well I'll see who wants to join up for it. The glut of social networking sites is annoying me, and I have an OpenData Waterloo Region presentation I have to write up. I'm considering the possibility of buying some cheap old door.sys games and setting up a telnet BBS as well.
Converted Catherine's machine to use Ubuntu. We'll see how well that goes.

Highway 61 unvisited

Went to an art party yesterday. We get onto one of those old tourism trains that run from Waterloo to St. Jacob's. We walk through the cars as it proceeds -- at a snail's pace -- between the terminals. Each car contains an exhibit: A silent art auction where you pay in charity hours, a train where you are accosted by improv comedians, an cinema, burlesque, and the unfortunately requisite set of snakes with you can handle under supervision.

We were asked to wear nametags, because these goddamn art exhibits always involve an element of goddamn socialization. Instead of filling in our names, we were asked to supply a topic on which we would happily expound.
I thought that was a very good idea.
I chose "Open Data", because I'm too old and beaten for pithy nihilism.

I have social anxiety. Walking through a train of socialites, I spent 8.5% of my mind wondering if I can jump off the train at this speed. The train rocks and rolls and I feel drunk. I wonder how the drunks feel (on their $5 cups of wine.)
I hide in the burlesque room because it's not crowded (I'll admit it wasn't mind-blowing, but the attitude people talk towards pointless art is disturbingly short-sighted, their attitude towards nudity is even worse.)
Breast does not titillate me, only because it's not the kind of breast that titillates me. I stare at a penis. I am neither repulsed not aroused. (nor ashamed of how my penis compares in comparison.) I am repulsed at the knowledge that I am looking at people, that people are seeing me look at other people. Looking at people always struck me as invasive, even though I celebrate eavesdropping in almost every moment. Why? I dunno. I really dislike staring at people, it freaks me out, but it's how people talk so I dunno. I must look strange.

I enjoy eavesdropping on people as they spawn their guided conversations. I learn interesting tidbits. I don't enjoy speaking when asked. I feel like I spend too much time expounding. I do, because strangers at parties frighten the fuck out of me (parties do in general.) I should ask them about their topics, but I then feel like a creep. Cognitive dissonance overload. I feel like I've invaded their time.
I try to half-heartedly about their topics, but they've usually turned away by then. I love it when they force themselves upon me, take my speech into areas I did not intend. I depend on other people in conversations, I cannot be trusted with them myself.

A man tells me that my hat is (paraphrased) "spectacular" and that I (not paraphrased) "wear it well." I am delighted and amused, for I still feel self-conscious about my ulterior motives for wearing a hat (I don't know what they are, but I suspect they exist. Who am I trying to fool?)

I carry rtehmiss' purple polka-dot umbrella because she is off stuffing fish balls into her mouth. Tim of TriTAG tells me that he loves the ensemble (I have my black straw hat and also a tri-blue hexagonal sweater. Incidentally, it would be great for war-gaming.)
I love carrying an umbrella. I use it like a cane. I don't wish I was crippled, but I wish I was the Penguin of Batman's world.


I was supposed to go to Toronto today, but there was no good reason. Instead I stayed up till 5am, cam to MoT, and have been combining Getting Things Done(tm) and Pomodoro(tm) to handle life. Now I see Catherine for a Vincenzo's sandwich. Then I see whether Kitchener has interesting people about.
I will jig down the street to Public Image Ltd's "Metal Box" until I get bored, then I will decide between Mission of Burma and some other post-punk formula.
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The majority of my passwords have been randomized and encrypted into LastPass. This way I only have to remember one password while making sure that the inevitable LulzSec hack doesn't force me to scramble.
You would think that I'd be more upset at this inconvenience, but I'm not. The ability to use unsecure passwords in multiple sites has been a luxury, like leaving your front door unlocked in a small town. Yes, it's a pity. Yes, it's a loss of trust. It's a trust that was unsustainable, however. People shouldn't let laziness trump security.

Why LastPass? A completely-local solution would better sooth the paranoid in me, but it seems I can't go for more than three weeks without destroying my system in some fashion. Since any half-decent password encryption solution is resistant to blatant copying, I tend to loss my payload more often than saving them. For example, I'm embarassed at how many orphaned GPG keys I have abandoned in limbo on MIT's public keyserver index with no safe way of revoking. A lot of this is carelessness and inexperience, however.
Lastpass is _portable_. It has plugins for my browser, my phone, and so on. It even supports HP/Palm's WebOS, which itself is baksheesh-worthy. I don't have to actually deal with the root inconvenience of security, typing in 12-digit random sequences into all of my applications (multiple times, to boot.) The theory behind LastPass seems sound ... they passwords are stored in encrypted form so that their own staff cannot access any data. If you forget your master password, you are screwed because there is no recovery process without the password. I'm unsure how changing passwords work ... supposedly all encryption/decryption is done on the client.

If you have been using the same password for multiple accounts, you probably should consider stopping. If you never change your password, well...
There are plenty of options. They can be free or priced. They may be online or local. They could encourage synchronization or be completely locked down without explicit user permission. I highly encourage you to investigate them. If nothing else, proper use should make your password management _EASIER_. than synchronising every password to the same thing.

Forever Time

Мои коллеги знают, что я переезжаю в Торонто. Они, кажется, взволнован и всегда просите моего прогресса и намерений. Один товарищ коммутирует из Торонто и всегда предлагая места для проживания и отдыха. Он обещает, что Торонто является байк-дружески, но я сомневаюсь его.

К сожалению, мой рабочий процесс значительно улучшились со времени моего менеджера объявил о своем намерении уйти в отставку. Мы объединили две моего менеджера команды в одну, мы наконец-то научились эффективно работать в парах, и мы гораздо лучше на раскол в проектах задач, которые могут быть быстро завершены одновременных команд.

Мой босс попросит высшее руководство разрешить дистанционный я должен желать, но возможность для изменений является одним я не могу отказаться слегка.


Уже я замечаю, меня зовут запросы на Google. Я не расстроен информация, что эти заинтересованные лица могли бы обнаружить. Я расстроен, что может рассматриваться серьезно, потому что не constnatly стремятся рассказать миру, что я интересный или трудолюбивого человека.

Это, как говорится, я все еще хотите значительно изменить свой статус в какой-то завод на программное обеспечение или эссе.
Я обязан сказать, что их вывод был бы истинным.
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I keep meeting random people on the street, and I keep belately realizing that they always ask me how I'm doing and I never ask how they're doing.

I feel ashamed for this, I feel self-centred.

But I think a thing to understand is that I am always at a loss at such questions. I always feel uncomfortable because I always feel a fool when asked about my last few achievemenhts.

"Well uh, I'm moving to Toronto and I need to find a job and I want to learn Ruby and I want to read more magazines." That's incredibly boring. Why would anyone be happy to hear that?

I suspect I don't ask about others because I wish to do them a kindness, even though I may be the only one who thinks of it as such.

A future exercise might be to ask people about themselves and get accustomed to people's pleasure at the query. Perhaps it will deflect attention of me, and if nothing else I can change my usual flow of conversation.


I have a bit of an intellectual crush on the proprietor of Matter of Taste....

it's not exactly intellectual, but it's not emotional either. An intuitive crush?

Basically, he's an awesome dude, but it's extremely difficult to prove why.

I suppose on the surface it's because he's a successful business owner who runs an awesome business. Through his business I met a staff member who I can primarily thank for making his business my "third place*".

It's not just that though; I think it's because we have a weird relationship. It's one I feel I've had with others, Graeme at SPUC, Vanessa, blue_thundering at various eras ... people who I think are incredibly cool and who I think I have a great affinity for, perhaps even a great kinship with, except either I or they or we have difficulty in expressing that in open terms.

For example, we've tried to make conversation. It goes well but we always delve easily into our facades. Why did he decide to stay open an hour past his coffee shop's closing hour yesterday? Because he felt like it, and we laugh, and don't explain more. When he asks what my plans are (outside of finding a place in Toronto), I can answer a little about wanting to read more and wanting to freelance on code. It doesn't come easy like it does with Adrienne (the aforementioned staff member), or rtehmiss, or blue_thundering at various eras, and I don't understand why. Why are some people so easy to talk to?

I suppose it's because I have a great affinity for people who are incredibly interesting and incredibly experienced and don't quite understand how to express it. I feel kinship, for that is how I feel. Dude lived in Vietnam and probably had some connection to the Vietnam War. He's been in the movie industry at some point in his life. His gentlemanly behaviour makes me burn very much with desire to drill into him, to find out who the man is, but if I am scared of anything is is taking the lead in conversation.

Some people claim that anyone who is that difficult to approach is in fact not interesting, but using a facade to hide their own dullness. I cannot believe that, because if I did then it means I am incredibly boring, and I worry well enough about that despite knowing how interesting I can actually be.

The place I most want to be if I don't want to be at home but I'm not at work.

Добре день!!!

Сегодня я пошел на митинг для создания света транзитной системы железнодорожного транспорта в регионе Ватерлоо.

Я забыл, как сказать слово "день". Я рывком!
Я не понимаю, почему есть запятая в предыдущем предложении или в этом тоже!

Я обновление моего резюме. Мое резюме было легко переписать. Я хочу переделать свое резюме. Я буду пытаться переделать свое резюме в LaTeX.
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Там должен быть русский язык программирования
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