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Oh how your flesh and blood became the word.

Posted on 2011.07.05 at 12:34
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A bunch of random people came over on Thursday (a bunch of people randomly came over?) on Thursday, hanging out on my bean-bag chair and talking about random things. One of them introduced me to Larry Wall's "Postmodernism and Perl" lecture, and now I am upset because I have to respect at least some of the aspirations behind Perl.
It is nice to know that someone like Sharon Hopkins exists, that there is an entire genre of "Perl Poetry" out here. I remember PR linking me to something like this from the New Yorker, but that was before I was able to squander cash on magazines (or before Delicious existed, and I lost track of it.)

Friday was spent partying. I mostly felt stupid and remained silent. I don't don't thing I contributed anything to any conversation. I think I need new parties, I'm really wasting the ones I wind up at.

Got a lot of errands done, hunkering down for five hours at a time with my agenda. Almost started applying to jobs, but had a LaTeX malfunction that I need to work out. My inbox is otherwise empty, as is my next actions pile. Yum! I should refill it, my next actions pile.

Re-purchased my collection of Autechre and Underworld MP3s all over again, because their online aspects are selling FLAC/WAV editions. Guess I'll wind up going entirely lossless one way or the other as long as someone shoves them somewhere legal.
I'm down to the last hundred or so CDs to rip, and I'll be done with my physical presence whatsoever. My FLACs are currently sitting all RAID-5 redundant on a media server. I'd like to offer controlled access at some point to my friends, adding what I currently only have via MP3s as well. Some of them would appreciate it.
I'm struggling with a Diaspora instance right now, if it works well I'll see who wants to join up for it. The glut of social networking sites is annoying me, and I have an OpenData Waterloo Region presentation I have to write up. I'm considering the possibility of buying some cheap old door.sys games and setting up a telnet BBS as well.
Converted Catherine's machine to use Ubuntu. We'll see how well that goes.

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