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Posted on 2011.06.17 at 10:38
I keep meeting random people on the street, and I keep belately realizing that they always ask me how I'm doing and I never ask how they're doing.

I feel ashamed for this, I feel self-centred.

But I think a thing to understand is that I am always at a loss at such questions. I always feel uncomfortable because I always feel a fool when asked about my last few achievemenhts.

"Well uh, I'm moving to Toronto and I need to find a job and I want to learn Ruby and I want to read more magazines." That's incredibly boring. Why would anyone be happy to hear that?

I suspect I don't ask about others because I wish to do them a kindness, even though I may be the only one who thinks of it as such.

A future exercise might be to ask people about themselves and get accustomed to people's pleasure at the query. Perhaps it will deflect attention of me, and if nothing else I can change my usual flow of conversation.

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